From earth to rare earth



Born from the earth

Earth is an infinite source of purity and perfection, used since the beginning of time to nourish humanity. Without it we are nothing. Yet with its careful nurturing we create a world filled with unlimited pleasure.


Finished in Rare Earth

The beauty of champagne is matched only by the purity of rare earth metals. Platinum and pink gold pieces adorn memorable moments like a king and queen upon their throne. Honor that can only be found in 0.0001% of our planet.


Platinum is power. Passionate, unbridled, and limitless. Only the finest vintages created from this earth deserve to be sabered with such a raw and rare source of energy.
Vintage Brut Platinum - COUP DE SADE

Pink Gold

Pink is the light of love and romance. Its most elegant expression of gold. A distinction that is reserved exclusively for our Juliet Rosé.
Juliet Rosé Pink Gold - COUP DE SADE