A story of generations



The Pursuit of Perfection

Our family estate has been guided for over four generations by a single vision: perfection. By passing priceless artisan techniques from one generation to the next, we express the soul of our founder Henry L’Hopital. Champagne is family.

“Gloire au champagne!”

Henry L’HopitalFounder and Visionary


Four Generations. One Bottle.

Our champagne tells the story of hope, victory, and love in every bottle. While perfection pulses at the heart of our philosophy, a passion for incredible moments stokes the fire in our soul.

golden grapes via Thomas Schaefer

Estate Champagne

For decades, our winemakers and artisans have shaped the delicate flavors of each vintage using the earth from which our vines first emerged over 100 years ago. Crafting champagne that is primarily from our own soil is a privilege of our current generation and a gift to our next generation.

Indulge In Time

Time is our most valuable gift. Each vintage cuvée spends ten years aging on the lees and over a decade of painstaking perfection from harvest to your glass.
dusty cellar
COUP DE SADE inspector

Artists Rule

We honor our artisans whose craft tells the story of a process perfected over generations. Our artists use the palate of fruit, water, and earth created by Mother Nature to shape the incredible taste of our champagne.

“Petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid”
(Little by little, a bird makes its nest)

French Proverb1835